OMAHA, NE – 09-14-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Infogroup and their law firm, Koley Jessen , were sued by DatabaseUSA.  The suit was filed in state court in Nebraska today.

Defendants named are former employee Blake Van Gilder, information vendor Infogroup, Inc., and its lawyers, the Koley Jessen law firm.   

In its lawsuit, DatabaseUSA claims its former employee, Blake Van Gilder, took confidential information and trade secrets when he was fired by DatabaseUSA in 2015.

The lawsuit claims Van Gilder gave confidential customer lists to Infogroup and its law firm, Koley Jessen of Omaha.  According to the suit, Infogroup and the law firm admit they received the information, and did not disclose this for more than a year.  DatabaseUSA discovered what happened in a 2017 deposition of Van Gilder.

DatabaseUSA claims much of the data taken was protected by a federal court order in a pending lawsuit between Infogroup and DatabaseUSA.  It is described as including customer names, contracts, sales plans, and internal data.

 “Our customer list is our most valuable asset.  When our arch competitor and their law firm conspire to steal our corporate secrets and keep it secret for 14 months and misuse those secrets against us, it’s very distressing”,  DatabaseUSA owner Vinod Gupta said in a press release.

DatabaseUSA is an Omaha based compiler of databases that are used by businesses and non-profits for marketing and sales applications.  DatabaseUSA was formed by Vinod Gupta in 2010.

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