ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – 10-14-2017 (Press Release Jet) — The St. Louis Daily Ledger (also known as St. Louis Breaking News) has paired with publicity partner Perpetual Wire to update the media in St. Louis and the surrounding area with the latest news reports.

St. Louis Breaking News releases thousands of news stories on a daily basis to update residents on current events. The media site publishes local, regional and national news on a variety of topics and industries, including events and developments in the realms of sports, health care, economics, fundraising, and many others. Their coverage of news in St. Louis and the surrounding area is detailed and thorough.

News provided by St. Louis Breaking News is timely and relevant, presenting information about local events and people in St. Louis so that readers can keep up with developments that impact them.

Scores and highlights from recent games and events are available for those who want to know how their favorite Missouri sports teams are doing.

St. Louis Breaking News also provides the latest business news about market trends, startups, and emerging partnerships.

Residents and tourists can also keep up with the latest technological and scientific developments in the St. Louis area with frequent, breaking updates to St. Louis Breaking News’s Tech and Science page.

As a service to visitors and residents, St. Louis Breaking News offers accurate up-to-the-hour weather information. This resource is immensely valuable in planning weekend events and outdoor activities. Temperature, precipitation, and wind data are tracked and reported on an hourly basis with powerful meteorological tools.

As a further service, St. Louis Breaking News provides detailed, up-to-date traffic information to assist in planning ahead for road trips and commutes. Travelers and commuters can save time and money by checking real-time reports and thus avoiding congestion, construction, bottlenecks and gridlock. This service is even helpful for those who travel and commute via public transport, on foot, or by bicycle.

St. Louis Breaking News’s partner Perpetual Wire is a powerful publicity tool, reaching hundreds of news sites locally, regionally and nationally, getting breaking news out in cities like St. Louis affordably and effectively. Their reach extends to search engines, social media platforms, and top-tier news networks. It is an ideal medium to connect St. Louis’s residents, employees, and visitors with essential information and updates that they need to know

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