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Overweight people have been blaming their lack of will-power long enough,” according to noted Chicago-area weight loss expert, Raynette Ilg, N.D., who helps patients give up conventional diets and gimmicks in favor of natural interventions that rebalance their neurotransmitters and endocrine hormones. 

Understanding that the root cause of weight gain is far more complex than just “eating too much,” Dr. Raynette Ilg is releasing her newest book, “It’s Not All Your Fault,” as a guide to addressing the internal causes of weight gain that few doctors know or discuss with their patients. In addition, Dr. Ray believes that each person’s health profile is unique, so the same supplements and interventions that work for one person may be different from what works for another person. She advocates a comprehensive diagnosis and lets her readers know what health markers they need their doctor to check.

Known as Dr. Ray by her adherents, the successful author, speaker and naturopathic medical expert says that the concept of “ideal weight” needs to be redefined for many overweight people. “Your ideal weight is the weight where your hormones are functioning normally, your digestion is strong and trouble-free, you have plenty of energy for the demands of daily living, your moods are balanced and you feel great! If that happens for you at a weight that is higher or lower than what the insurance charts say – so be it. My book is aimed at helping people find their true ideal weight: a weight they can maintain along with their highest state of total body health.”

What Dr. Ray finds is that once patients adapt her protocols to their lives and restore their highest state of health, weight problems gradually resolve on their own. “Once someone gets their energy back and can get off the couch, or isn’t depressed anymore, or can digest and eliminate their food properly, it’s amazing how the pounds start to drop off.”

In her new book, “It’s not All Your Fault,” Dr. Ray outlines specific strategies that repair the body’s internal engine. “Your internal engine is what decides how well you use and burn your fuel. It’s your engine that determines whether you have enough energy to fuel proper organ function, energy to get through the day, and to allow you to feel your best,” says Dr. Ray. “Eating the wrong foods can clog and slow down your body’s ‘engine.’ Conversely, even small lifestyle changes and the right food choices and nutritional supplements can clean out and rev up that engine so it functions more like it did when you were younger!”

Dr. Raynette Ilg earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree at National University of Health Sciences and is the founder of Olive Branch Wellness Center in Chicago’s western suburbs. You can find Dr. Ilg’s new book, as well as her previous book, “Livin’ la Vida Grande,” on or at the Olive Branch Wellness Center website at

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