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Marketwired, as well as PR Newswire, both reveal almost the same services, but there is a large difference between the prices. The distribution companies charge different prices for their services, and this review will discuss both prices and services offered by each.

Marketwired reviews show that the service includes distribution of press releases to popular media channels, and they get it released with almost all of them through their impressive text. The additional features allow you to add graphics with your release to better impress the audience, at a certain extra cost. It costs up to $460 for a single press release with an extra charge of $50 for stills and $99 for each audio or video. This has a limit of words, up to 400. But you can extend it by paying $150.

PR Newswire reviews show similar stats about the press release but does not guarantee anything. The prices are high compared to other press release media content and costs a minimum of $775. The cost may touch a higher figure as audio or video is added to the media content. PR Newswire needs a membership for posting, so you have to pay an additional price to become a member.


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