HOUSTON, TEXAS – 12-01-2017 (Press Release Jet) — Text2Lead is the purest and first real call and text tracking system that does not involve any third-party, chat company, outside BDC, website form, or other outside involvement. Leads are generated online and offline by the dealer and text leads go into the dealer’s CRM in real-time.

The automotive industry is struggling to adapt to the changing faces and habits of the new buyers.Online form lead volumes are going down. Phone calls are about flat.Dealers are asking the question, where are all my leads going?

What’s a dealer to do?A dealer who wants to embrace the changing personality of today’s buyers needs to start communicating in the way the customer most wants. And that way is by text.They want instant gratification, they want transparency in communications and they want to do business on the go and on their terms. Texting fulfills all of these. And with over 6 billion texts being sent out every day, the automotive industry needs to get on board.

Text2Lead is different than what dealers have been introduced to thus far.

Text2 Lead is not just another “text us” button that opens another form to be filled out.

Text2Lead is not a 3rd party chat provider or outside BDC who is tasked with answering a text lead and doesn’t know anything about the store, the inventory or staff.

Text2Lead doesn’t stop at just text enabling just the dealer’s website. Text2Lead gives the dealer the power to generate his own text leads from any marketing channel. Want to generate leads from your photo overlays? … from TV, radio, billboards, print, search marketing, website, direct mail and more?That’s what we’re talking about!

Every Text2Lead phone number is both phone and text enabled and tracked. We can replace your current call tracking system at a fraction of the cost plus offer text conversions.Pay less and get more.What a concept. 

Every text lead goes into the dealer’s CRM in real time to be handled by the staff like any other email or third-party lead.

Dealers also enjoy real-time lead notifications by email and monthly reporting.

Costs have been kept affordable to serve dealers large and small. $895 for the base package and $1395 for the unlimited package.

Text2Lead was developed by car people for car people.

To learn more, see a demo, get questions answered or sign up… Director of Sales, Roger Reyna at 713-322-7745 or email at [email protected]

See us online at www.Text2LeadTechnology.com

Media Contacts:

Company Name: Text2Lead Technology
Full Name: Brenda or Brent Finch
Phone: 713-478-2093 or 850-2206-0878
Email Address: Send Email
Website: www.Text2LeadTechnology.com

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